Has the highest influence on the project because many important decisions during the planning process determining the amount of funds and other resources.


Offer Consultation and technical ideas and the resources needed for Our Clients

Basic Engineering

ollecting technical data required in the design process

Detailed of
Engineering Design

Includes images, details of budgets, and project schedules


We undertake procurement activities to get material and equipment or services from a data Technical Planning. Our procurement system is adjustable to client’s requirements and we can purchase from local and overseas.


We create a sequence of project management professionally which include Cost & Time Planning, Raw Materials, and Labours. We have international standards by having elements of knowledge, abilities, and attitudes to ensure the project is completed on schedule.


We offer substantial construction experience, competitive pricing, financial strength, integrity, and a commitment to your project that is supported by a foundation of quality and safety.

Office Building

Diesel Pipe Installation

Control Room and Logistic Room

Other Jobs

Cable Installation

Making Ladder Tray


Checking Gas Pipe